Weekly service not your thing?

Our one time service package is perfect for those who need some help with an event, a real estate showing.  Even those emergency situations where you need a quality hand to help you.  

We include a 23 point inspection, basic chemicals, a filter clean, and a report on the status of your pool.

Tasks: Clean, Circulation, & Chemistry balance.

  1. Chemistry check & balance (pH, Chlorine, Alk, Calcium, CYA’s).
  2. Vaccuum pool (with Aquavac Hammerhead Pool Vacuum)
  3. Brush tiles and pool.
  4. Empty all skimmer baskets and pump basket.
  5. skim surface.
  6. Equipment & filter check and any recommendations for upkeep.
  7. Backwashing, rinsing, & recharging filters as needed.
  8. Basic chemicals included for balancing water chemistry
  9. Filter clean


We use our own equipment with our handy HammerHead AquaVac so we don't clog up your pool system while we service to help everything last longer and you feel safe that you're in good hands.

We take a lot of pride in our work and we love interacting with you, our customer.  We stay on top of communication with you about your pool with you so you feel safe about what is going on. We will consult with you on recommendations and won't move forward without your approval first.  


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