Green pool Experts


Swamp Thing in the backyard?

We see a lot of these and they are of varying degrees.  Whether you have some green spots, to furry little friends on the bottom of the pool, all the way to swamp thing: we can help.  

Our team is experienced in turning green pools back to fresh water or consulting with you on the best options for you and your family.  


There are varying degrees of green pools on this planet; anywhere from furry friends to Swamp Thing. So whether you're a new home owner that needs help buffing up your new home or someone who just hasn't had the time or needs some help we're here for you.  

We can turn things around in as little as three visits with our state of the art process.  

We will drop our commercial grade sump pumps in the pool & to get that nasty water out based on city regulations.  Then we will bring our handy power washers along with chemicals to kill all of that gross film from your plaster, refill the pool, and help you start fresh.

Tasks: Drain, chemical wash, power wash, & chemical restart

  1. Drain pool with industrial pump.
  2. Remove debris from bottom of the pool.
  3. Spray and rinse entire pool with liquid chlorine.
  4. Power wash plaster and tiling to remove algae and any harmful bacteria.
  5. Home owner or service manager responsible for refilling the pool to proper level
  6. Restart with chemicals to make sure everything is balanced.

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