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Weekly Pool Services

Our weekly residential services help you with the three "C's"; chemistry, circulation and cleaning.  We stay on top of things so you get time back to spend on the things that matter, like your family, or making sure that paradise is in your backyard.

Our packages include a 23 point inspection, basic chemicals, and come with reporting on the status of your pool.  No annual contracts involved so we're on a monthly basis.  That means no lock ins and opt out whenever you want!

Business & Commercial Services

We are insured and licensed certified pool & spa operators, and we have a certified pool inspector on our team.  

As a property manager you get to rest easy that everything is good when you're working with us.  Our four values are integrity, honesty, safety, and trust.  And we live and breathe by these in our business as well as our everyday lives.   

We handle everything from apartment complexes, to hotels, HOA's and more.  It's our job to make sure that you stay have happy residents when it comes to their quiet time or a BBQ with the family and friends.

Pricing: Based on size and scale of the pool(s) & spa(s) being serviced.

Tasks: Clean, Circulation, & Chemistry balance.

  1. Chemistry check & balance (pH, Chlorine, Alk, Calcium, CYA’s).
  2. Detailed log books kept for inspection purposes and reports to the property & service manager(s)
  3. Vaccuum pool (with Aquavac Hammerhead Pool Vacuum)
  4. Brush tiles and pool.
  5. Empty all skimmer baskets and pump basket.
  6. Skim surface.
  7. Equipment & filter check and any recommendations for upkeep.
  8. Backwashing, rinsing, & recharging filters as needed.
  9. Basic chemicals included for balancing water chemistry
  10. Filter cleans & additional chemicals such as Algaecide or perfect weekly not included.
  11. Billed at the beginning of each month.

*Price may vary based on the size and scope of the pool.  Please call for more information.

Remodel & 3D Design

Outdoor living and designing can be your dream come true. It's an area where you can relax, create memories, and connect yourself with nature. 

We work with a broad range of clients to create short term flip ideas to long term forever homes.  Our expert team of designers and project managers can help create a look and feel of what you want.  All while maintaining a good pathway to ensure the process is fun and easy.  

We use 3D design technology will give you a birds eye view and virtual tour of what the finished product will look like. Then we make any tweaks along the way to help you understand costs and benefits to your home.  This saves you time and costly headaches before we ever break ground.  

Pool Equipment Installation & Repair

We're here to help you.  We will come out, diagnose the issues with our certified and licensed technicians and get a game plan together.  If you work with us on the project we will waive this fee.

This does not include parts but is our charge for hourly labor.

*pricing does not include billable hours or parts.

Filter Clean

Got an issue with algae or your filters could use a good scrub down?  We can help you get your pool back from green to clean.  Book your filter clean online today and save $20 of our original price!

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Pool School

Want to learn how the pro's do it?  We offer our one of a kind pool school that is personalized for you to help you learn your equipment, how to balance your pH, and the in's and out's of your system.  We will spend the time with you which saves you headaches down the road and puts a lot of cash back in your pocket.

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One Time Pool Cleaning Service

Our one time service package is perfect for those who need some help with an event, a real estate showing, or those emergency situations where you need a quality hand to help you.

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Green to Clean Pool Service

This is a three part service that includes filter cleans and up to three visits to turn your green pool back to normal.  Based on the amount of algae this price may vary and could require additional services to get everything back to normal.  

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